The difference a good doctor makes

Read enough stories about fibromyalgia, and you’ll know that patients often face many obstacles to diagnosis. Some take years before a doctor takes them seriously enough not to dismiss their symptoms. This is because some doctors are not informed about fibromyalgia, sure, but also sometimes because doctors believe fibromyalgia isn’t real.

I have been very lucky to have an amazing doctor from the get-go. She and I get along wonderfully, and since I see her once a month that is NECESSARY (yes, I see her more often than some of my friends). She has always taken the time to listen to my concerns and explain to me her rationale for prescribing medication or suggesting visits to other specialists. She also still very much listens to me and how I think my body is reacting to medication. I still think of her as an authority, but she has really worked to make sure I have some sort of agency over my treatment as well.

Finding a good doctor can be hard work, but it makes ALL the difference. I have someone in my corner who can help me navigate my symptoms and keep encouraging me to make the changes that will make my life better, while also being realistic in what my life can be like with this condition.

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